I am an associate professor in Computer Science and have been at the University of Idaho since 1999. Before that I worked at Hewlett-Packard for 15 years and brief period as a private consultant. I generally teach courses in Introduction to Programming, UNIX, Programming Languages, Algorithms, Compilers, Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, and Robotics. My research areas are in evolutionary theory with an emphasis on epistasis, evolutionary robotics, and game theory.

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Email: ProfHeckendorn@gmail.com
Location: Moscow, Idaho, USA (46.7°N 117.0°W) Pacific Time
Office: JEB 226
Office Hours: Check my schedule or send me email
Fax: (208) 885-9052
Telephone: None... I really do not have a university phone... really really
CS Dept: 208-885-6592
Dr. Robert Heckendorn
Computer Science Dept
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1010
Moscow, ID 83844-1010