3 credits


a) Beginning programming skills:

  • An understanding of file organization on a UNIX system and basic UNIX system commands and scripting.
  • Use of a text editor such as Emacs or Vi.
  • Experience solving problems by designing and implementing simple algorithms.
  • Basic syntax and semantics of a programming language such as Python, Unicon, C++, Java, or other high level programming language . The course will use Python.
  • A familiarity with the programming concepts of functions, control structures, types, recursive algorithms, and random number generation.
  • Simple data structures such as arrays, and trees.

b) A solid intuition of basic math and statistics including distributions, probability, conditional probability, random variables, introductory calculus, matrices, binary, bit operations, graphs (nodes an arcs).

c) A willingness to think of a computer as both a toy to play with and a tool to experiment with.


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Linux Notes Math References
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Python References LaTeX References


To understand the major biological problems related to sequence analysis and the algorithms/data structures behind the major bioinformatic tools used to solve them. The course will expose the students to a computer science perspective of design and implementation of algorithms but does not teach a specific language and instead assumes the student will acquire that language in advance. This does not study how to use major analysis tools. That is a different course.


  • A very compact introduction to the biology of biological sequences
  • Pairwise sequence alignment
  • Sequence search with approximate matching
  • Markov chains and hidden Markov chains
  • Identification of sequence families
  • Multiple sequence alignment
  • Deterministic phylogenetic analysis
  • Bootstrapping phylogenies
  • Probabilistic phylogenetic analysis
  • Evolutionary computation applied to phylogenetic analysis
  • Shotgun sequence assembly
  • Grammatical approaches to RNA structure
  • Epsistatic analysis