The Task

OK, it is your turn. In your final Scratch assignment write an assignment for your age group of kids. Be sure to put your name and school at the top ONLY if you wish people to know you are in this class and you want to share that information. You may also make your name and/or school anonymous. You privacy is up to you. Your assignment will be posted for all in the CS505 course to see. Please turn in as a pdf and email me separately a download of your answer code with the subject "CS505 Answer Code". None of this will not be publicly available. I will disclose the URL to the class privately. Your assignment plan should contain:

  • Title of Assignment
  • optional your name and name of school
  • ( 10 pts) Target age group and student composition (e.g. it is course for advanced math students)
  • ( 10 pts) Objectives of the assignment
  • ( 110 pts) Description of problem including tasks to perform and assessment.
  • ( 20 pts) questions to ask student for reflection on their task?
  • Support material if any
  • ( 42 pts) One or more example answers. This counts for 20% of grade.
  • ( 20 pts) Check out Idaho Computer Science Standards and list one or more standards addressed by this homework.