For those taking CS401/501 for credit...

Please write the following about the talk in this order:
  1. Your name
  2. Title of talk
  3. Name of presenter
  4. Date of presentation
  5. Summary of talk in a paragraph of not fewer than 250 or more than 450 words. Use 12 point single spaced pdf document with a nice simple serif font like New Times Roman, Bookman, Times, Palatino, ... for readability, thanks. Address these points:
    1. What is the problem being solved or key question be asked?
    2. What are the key background points?
    3. What is proposed solution or what is investigated?
    4. How was it investigated or what work was done? (for non research talks this might not apply)
    5. What is the conclusion?
  6. Any advice for the presenter? (outside of word limit)
  7. Did you enjoy the talk and want them to return for the next seminar group? (outside of word limit)
Submit this report as a pdf file to the homework submission page on the class website. Use your last name, all lower case and all special characters removed, as your submission name. Be sure your name is in the pdf file. The report is due Wednesday at 5pm PT.