The Objective

Let's implement the Fruit Bowl game we did in class.

The Task

Create a project and save it in the studio University of Idaho CS112S18 A3. Use your Scratch username (see assignment 1). If you did not do assignment 1, do it now so you have a scratch name and can grade your work.

In your project you should write the Fruit Salad game like we did in class. Do not use the code of others, but use your notes from class to create the game. But I will want some modifications.

Your project must satisfy these things:

  1. Pick a different background for the game that you like.
  2. Have a sprite that acts as a "bowl" for the "fruit". You can make the "bowl" anything you want. For example you can make it a person or a dragon or a catchers mitt or whatever. The position the bowl and size to a reasonable size so that the game is easy enough but not too easy.
  3. Have a sprite that acts as "fruit". It can be anything you want: fruit, musical instruments, animals, whatever. It just needs to have at least 4 costumes. You can pick a sprite and add costumes as we did in class.
  4. You need to clone "fruit" at the top of the screen and drop it to the bottom as seen in class. Clone the "fruit" every second.
  5. Drop fruit at a reasonable speed that is playable and behaves as described.
  6. Use right and left arrow buttons to move the bowl all the way to the right and left sides of the screen.
  7. Use "a" and "d" keys to move the bowl -20 and +20 respectively.
  8. Before clone the fruit have it switch to the next costume a random number of times between 1 and 6. Hint: look at the repeat control statement.
  9. The fruit needs to start at a random location somewhere across the top of the screen.
  10. The "fruit" that is cloned must be invisible. The clones are made visible and then drop.
  11. As we did in class, each clone moves down the screen and when it touches the "bowl" it makes a positive sound and increases the score by one (1) point. The clone is then deleted. Make sure the clone finishes the sound before being deleted.
  12. As each clone moves down the screen it is also checks if it has run off the bottom of the screen. y < -180. If that is true, it plays a bad sound (I used the duck quack). It should subtract two (2) points from the score not one point. Then it should delete the clone.
  13. After the two tests above, it also checks so see if the the score is less than 1 and if so plays a loser sound until done and then stops all scripts. While it is playing the loser sound all other fruit scripts should stop.
  14. The initial score is set to 10.
  15. You should have the background playing a little music while the game is going on.
  16. You must NOT remix someone else's project. You must NOT use other people's code. Write your own "from" scratch.
  17. Your project should be started by clicking the green flag.
  18. You must delete the Scratch (the cat) sprite and not use it in your project.
  19. Your program must be able to be run multiple times with the code initializing all the sprites appropriately resetting anything that was changed by the running of the code.

The above is the minimum. You will be graded on satisfying that.

REMINDER: the assignment is due by 5pm Pacific Time on the due date!


This project must appear in the Studio by the due date/time. The studio will close for modification after that.