The Objective

To practice the Scratch interface and have fun being creative.

The Task

Create a project and save it in the studio University of Idaho CS112 S18 A2. Use your Scratch username (see assignment 1). If you did not do assignment 1, do it now. You must use your scratch name or you will get a zero on your assignment 2.

In your project you should use the following things to make a project of your own design. It could be an action scene like we did with "Scratch running away and the helicopter". It could be a small game or educational program. It could just be pretty to watch. Express yourself and play with the parts to do what you want. Create something fun, practical, or both.

Your project must satisfy these things:

  1. You must NOT remix someone elses project. You must NOT use other people's code. Write your own from scratch. This is your moment to express yourself.
  2. Do not use substantial parts of anything we did in class like the "Fruit Salad Game" or the "Animals on the Beach" example. I have other plans for that. Do your own thing.
  3. Your project should have a description of what it is doing under the "notes and credits" on the main page for your application. Be sure to mention if you use any special buttons like keys or other input.
  4. Your project should be started by clicking the green flag.
  5. You must use at least two different sprites, but you can use more. Neither of which can be Scratch (the cat).
  6. You must delete the Scratch (the cat) sprite and not use it in your project.
  7. At least one of your sprites must change costume and so must have at least two different costumes.
  8. Each sprite must have at least one thread of execution (script).
  9. You must have at least one loop somewhere in your scripts
  10. You must have at least one if statement somewhere in your scripts
  11. At least one of your sprites must move at some point.
  12. You must use at least two different sounds.
  13. You must have a background.
  14. Your program must be able to be run multiple times with the code initializing all the sprites appropriately resetting anything that was changed by the running of the code.

The above is the minimum. You will be graded on satisfying that. However, most projects will do more than that in order to do something enjoyable. Some more ideas: Be creative and unique.
Make a tiny quiz. Have two different characters talk to each other.
Tell a story. Zombies? Murder mystery? Art? Play cat and mouse? whatever...
Make your characters sing or dance.
Have your characters explain something or demonstrate as an educational project.
Things to try for fun include recording your own sound or taking a picture and using that in the project but remember that your projects are PUBLIC when in the studio.

REMINDER: the assignment is due by 5pm Pacific Time on the due date!


This project must appear in the Studio above by the due date/time. The studio will close for modification after that.

IMPORTANT: when you submit your assignment to the studio be sure it is in the studio. Go back and be sure it is there. Do not modify your code after the moment the assignment is due. If you fail to properly submit or change your code you will end up with a zero.