The Objective

Since we will be submitting our Scratch projects to a public site called a studio, you must pick a public name for use as your Scratch login. Without this name you cannot get a grade for the following three assignments.

This is the name you will use to:

  1. sign into Scratch
  2. your homework will be displayed by that public name

This way you have the option to remain anonymous. The university is very much interested in preserving your anonymity. Please feel free to take advantage of opting to hiding your identity. I encourage it, but don't require it. Your call.

Please keep your public name clean and pick only from the common characters. If you pick unusual letters the submission tool might not recognize it as ASCII. Letters and numbers are best.

The Task

In this assignment you should

  1. Create a login on Scratch for yourself and be sure that it works.
  2. Then create an plain text file using a standard simple editor such as NotePad, NotePad++, TextEdit, Vi, Vim, Emacs, gedit, etc. In your editor be sure you are saving the file in "plain text" which is ASCII. Or use Word and save it using the "plain text" type. The file should contain exactly one line of information with only one thing in it: your Scratch public name. Nothing else. You should not put your last name or first name into the file or anything other than your public name. It is good for you to experiment. I want you to experience the use of a simple "text editor" like we used in class to look into files that were formatted for different programs like image processing or document preparation programs. Go take a look at some of your files with the text editor and see their internal structure. Some text editors may be too smart and not let you see the true internal format. Be careful not to change anything if you go spying in other files. Have fun! Find an editor you haven't used before and explore your computer.


For this assignment only: submit this file to the homework submission page linked in the Services section at the bottom of the class website. Be sure to follow the submission instructions there!